Public Comment

Time to Stop Funding Israel

Jagjit Singh
Sunday January 29, 2023 - 08:44:00 PM

Dr. Khalidi is a professor of modern Middle Eastern history at Columbia University. He has warned the Biden administration is in serious danger of violating International Law affirming former President Trump’s reckless decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. This decision is a break from 70 years of established US policy. Biden should reverse Trump’s decision to build a new US embassy on stolen Palestinian land. Khalidi was able to prove that his family and other Palestinians had title to the land which was rented to the British prior to the creation of Israel in 1948. It is time to state the obvious, Israel has never been a democracy. It has become a far-right theocratic society. The current fragile coalition has no intention of reaching an amiable accord with the indigenous Palestinians but has every intention of expropriating more land in the Occupied West Bank. To any doubting Thomases, I would like to remind them, “occupied” denotes Palestinians are prisoners on their own land, and a two-state solution is just a cruel joke. Our tax dollars should not be used to prop up an apartheid, racist, society.